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I decided to make a blog to chronicle my thoughts, share helpful tips, indulge in random musings, and preserve memories. If you’re stumbling upon this website, I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m Steve Koshy.

Well, technically I’m Stefan Koshy, but I go by Steve most of the time. I’ll be posting different things here randomly. I hope my thoughts, tips, and musings benefit you in some way or another.

3 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. Hi Steve,
    Had a look at your Amazon Reader (Look Inside) Downloader. Nice work.
    My proficiency with jQuery does not quite match up with yours but I’m wondering if it is possible to run a script in the Amazon Reader to allow right click and copy text.
    If so any hints about how to go about this or what to look for.


      • Steve,
        Thanks very much!
        Is this the place to discuss this script or do you have a forum or such?
        I’ve looked at the video and tried the script … but … when I open a kindle look inside page my cursor appears as an open hand (closed hand when I right or left click) and does not allow me to select text. The closed hand allows me to pan the kindle pages (similar to PDF docs).
        This was the same for version 1 of the script however it did pop up the right click menu allowing me to select options i.e. save image.
        I can use CTRL A to select all text and CTRL C to copy the text (but get the entire web page) and this can be done whether your script is enabled or not.
        So, I’m not sure why you do not get the panning cursor (another script running?) however, but I assume it is possible to disable the panning, with enough knowledge of jQuery … so once again, and I do appreciate you looking at this, over to you.


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