Goals for the Year

I was doing a spin class yesterday and throughout the class I kept thinking to myself, “I can push more. I can do more.” When we were told to turn up the resistance or go faster, I’d do 110%. I could envision in my mind what my normal benchmarks would be, and I pushed to exceed them. I’m really getting better at “knowing thyself”!

I also though about the year as a whole too. There’s 366 days in this year (it’s a leap year!). I want to make the most of it! Pushing myself harder, exposing myself to more opportunities, and evaluating how I use my time will help me make this year great.

On that note, I want to publicly list out some of my goals for this year:

  • Fitness: When I moved to NYC in June, I weighed 210 pounds. I was overweight and unhealthy. Thanks to Next Jump’s training programs and just eating better, I’ve come down to 190 pounds by January 1! My goal is to get down to a tone 180.
  • Japanese: In the beginning of December, I started learning Japanese with the help of an app called Word Fireworks. I’ve finished learning Hiragana and I’m steadily progressing through katakana now. Afterwards, I’ll start learning some Kanji and then I’ll get into grammar and vocab. My goal is to at least be able to understand and read basic Japanese by the end of the year. My stretch goal is to be JLPT ready!
  • Learning: There’s a lot I want to learn this year. Coding wise, I need to get stronger in more facets of Web Dev. I really want to learn React and React Native. Another goal of mine is to code a Gear VR app, so I’ve been looking at Unity and trying to make something cool with it too.
  • Travel: I had plans to go to Tokyo right after the New Year, but unfortunately they fell through. My goal is to visit Tokyo and Barcelona minimum this year! And hopefully go on a cruise too!

I’ll update this blog with my progress as the year progresses!

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